Leisure road trips are among life's greatest enjoyments and rewards. Arriving at your destination is a victory but getting there in good spirits is an art form. Road trip games are a great way to keep spirits up and open during long commutes. Road trip games come in all shapes and sizes. Our Cortland, NY Royal Chevrolet team selected the following to get you started.

The Triple Threat

Geared at kids, this road trip game compels children to use their intelligence and imaginations. To play the game, adults or children select three very random words, such as goat, table, and eraser. Each participant must then spin a tale that mentions all three random words. Prepare yourself for bizarre plot twists and plenty of laughter.

In My Suitcase

This game needs no board game or pieces, just imagination, and memory. The games begin with one player saying, "I'm going on vacation. I packed..." The first speaker identifies an item they "packed." The item must begin with a specific letter of the alphabet, usually the first. Subsequent players mention items they packed, each item corresponding to the next letter of the alphabet.

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