The battery is a vital component of your car. It provides the electricity that powers everything from the headlights to the radio and air conditioning system. Since it is so important, you should know how to take care of your battery and have it checked regularly.

Before you jump-start or replace a car's battery, check the warranty in case you can use free replacement. Some batteries are covered for 5 years or more. If the battery is not under warranty and you're still unsure if you can replace it yourself, it's best to visit our service center here at Royal Chevrolet in Cortland, NY.

Battery Replacement Cost - It is not necessary to bring the dead battery with you when replacing it. To help ensure that the warranty remains valid, most shops will ask for a receipt or purchase information of the new battery.

It is also a good idea to have the old battery tested after you've purchased a new one, especially if you suspect that your car is not starting due to several weak batteries.

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