Driving during winter can be challenging because the weather can bring forth a lot of obstacles that will change the condition of the roads in Cortland, NY. The all-season tires have a mud and snow label on the sidewalk. The all-season tires work best in slightly wet conditions. The tread pattern of the all-season tires gives good traction when the road has light snows and ice.

Being an all-season tire, you might consider using the tires during the winter seasons. However, if you are driving in areas that receive heavy snow, you should consider getting another type of tire. The rubber compound of the all-season tires hardens when temperatures get low, making it hard for the tire to grip the icy road.

Other than that, all-season tires have a tread pattern designed to increase durability. When you use it in heavy snows, the snow clogs in the tread and reduces traction. You can use all-season tires during winter, only if your area receives snow occasionally.

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