A college student drove home one night. His car got a flat. He replaced it with the spare, which was worn. The spare needed to be replaced as well, but the college student hoped he would get home and replace it soon enough. It only took him a few miles before the spare became flat as well. None of his family could be reached that night. He walked thirteen miles home. The car did not last much longer after that incident. What did he do? The student looked for a certified pre-owned Buick.

At least he tried to look for a certified pre-owned Buick. Perhaps it is necessary to back up a little bit. The person in this hypothetical situation might have looked for such a lot if they existed at the time. It might have stopped him from needing to walk 13 miles that night. Fortunately, individuals can now avoid this fate by not driving too far on spares, getting their car aligned and buying a certified pre-owned Buick.


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